A cloud-based platform for scalable,
agile agent-based modelling.

Run models at scale to better develop, validate, and explore them.


No new ABM framework or platform to learn.

Low friction

Quick and smooth to run locally and remotely.


Programmatic interface to create ABM workflows.


Seamless access to elastic cloud compute services.

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The needs of agent-based models.

Agent-based models (ABMs) are the next generation of analytical techniques to explore the behaviour of complex social, physical and biological systems.

However, ABMs are computationally intensive and developing them is a highly iterative process. Furthermore, they require extensive calibration and validation in order to create meaningful and useful models.

This has hindered their usage amongst analysts and adoption by decision makers.

Public cloud services offer the raw compute resources on a pay-as-you-go basis to address these challenges. But how do modellers harness these resources without having to develop and manage cloud infrastructure?

What is Sandman?

Introducing Sandman.

Sandman is a cloud-based platform for facilitating scalable, agile agent-based modelling.

Provision cloud resources

Start and stop compute resources on-demand.

Scale computer resources vertically and horizontally.

Managed underlying cloud infrastructure.

Manage compute environments

Configure and manage compute environments.

Easily install and upgrade dependencies.

Reuse and share environments.

Run large-scale workflows

Run large-scale ABM workflows using a distributed runtime execution engine.

Define workflows using a lightweight SDK.

Agnostic to modelling framework.


Sandman demo.

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Sandman whitepaper.

Case studies

Case studies.